Saturday, 31 March 2018

How do I maximize the anti-aging property of Neutrino Water for my body?

Neutrino Water has the unique property of increase levels of dissolved hydrogen overtime.

Boiling water drives away the dissolved gases like hydrogen and oxygen in the water.

Hydrogen effectively removes the free radicals in our body which cause aging, sickness, and even diseases.

Although boiled water retains the property of increase dissolved hydrogen overtime, get as much hydrogen as possible into your body for that anti-oxidant, anti-aging effect by drinking Neutrino Water straight from the tap.

Another suggestion is to sip Neutrino Water from a capped bottle all day long. Besides staying hydrated, this action ensures a continuous flow of anti-oxidant into your body to keep it healthy and happy!

Is Neutrino Water like alkaline water? If no, what are the differences between alkaline water and Neutrino Water?

No. Neu G7 water activator does not change the pH level of the water passing through the device. The pH level of Neutrino Water is solely dependent on the source of your water supply (reservoirs).

Input pH level = output pH level. The G7 device activates water at the electron level, exerting a highly correlated electronic action by converting the vibration of water through excitation.

This results in simple, clean, energized water, which provides immeasurable benefits to our body, our daily life, and our environment.

Neu G7 water activator works on a separate principle and does not use electrolysis (needs electricity) or chemicals to separate water into the acid and alkaline components.

NeuG 7 water benefits

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Since the Neutrino Water is hex shape, does it mean the water characteristics has been changed? Any long term effect to the human body with this “Water”?

Yes, the characteristics of the water have been changed by the hexagon field energy (hex shape). This is the original state of water when earth was first formed – unpolluted.

The long term effect on a human being who continuously drinks Neutrino Water is the body gets healthier and healthier.

We realized that filter and tap gauze installed in our water pipes collect dirt and eventually breed bacteria and germs. What can we do?

Like the filter, tap gauze also traps dirt. Removal of filter and tap gauze will prevent this problem. Example of failed bacteria count in laboratory test:

What is the lifespan of the Neu G7 water activator?

There is no electricity required to operate the Neu G7 water activator.

There are also no user changeable parts whose performance may degrade over time within the device. The entire device is made from SUS 304 stainless steel.

The durability stated in the brochure is > 10 years. The rationale is that the G7 manufacturer has only been in existence in Japan for 16 years (with respect to now, 2017). The product durability is stated as such so that consumers are not misled.

If not misused, the Neu G7 water activator can actually serve you for a very long time.

How does the Neu G7 water activator works?

The key to the Neu G7 water activator is in the hexagonal configuration of the G-Nuts known as the core inside the device. The hexagon field converter (core) is made of SUS 304 stainless steel.

The converter is specially treated to bring about chemical reaction on its surface so as to impart potential difference or electromotive force to the surface (potential difference: -0.45V). Elements of water are electrolytically changed by passing the water through 9-layered cores so that the water is converted into activated water featuring high disinfecting activity, life energizing force with deodorizing effect.

The bonding of the atoms within the Neutrino Water becomes weaker thereby releasing hydrogen over time.

The discovery of the principle of the hexagonal field energy is as groundbreaking as the principle of power generator generating electricity by utilizing magnetic force.